Road to Redemption by Michelle Dalton

Book 3 in the Lost & Found series

Raymond sold his soul to protect the only woman he’s ever loved. The consequences of his actions leading him down a path of absolute destruction.
Mina vowed she’d never love nor need a man ever again. A self-made business success and single mother, her life is up ended when her past returns.
Dangerous forces are at play and everyone’s safety is at stake when poachers threaten all she’s worked so hard to achieve, labelling those closest to Mina as suspect.
Will Ray truly be able to take the redemption handed to him and make it work, or will Mina lose her heart and possibly her life to the only man she’s ever loved, a second time?

“This was a beautiful tale of a second chance not only in romance but in life. It takes a strong person to step through fire to the other side but Ray has managed to do it and gains much more than he bargained for.”