My Heart Whispers by Dionne Grace

Book 1 in the The Vision of Love Series series

How it all began…

Four stories of love, hate, and deceit—a snippet of their lives, before their relationships ended. The scars that formed—and later healed by God through his love—are all revealed in this series.

Rachel & Ben—Rachel suffers years of abuse from her husband Ben, the adroit lawyer leading a double life.

David & Karen—David, the strong Christian doctor, his life torn apart by Karen, his selfish wife who has no morals.

Sara & Adam—Trophy wife Sara, oppressed by her controlling husband, Adam.

Daniel & Amy—Daniel finds love, but is later heartbroken by Amy’s deceit.

“Dionne Grace displays her inspirational writing by letting us in the INSIGHTFUL lives of the main characters, Rachel, David, Sara and Daniel. I especially enjoyed Daniel and Amy's story, such true Love but not well placed. I wanted to know more ….Also, with the other characters, Dionne gives us an insight of how GOD really looks at the heart and never leaves his own. (Give us more of this DIONNE).
A good and easy read….. A must read…..”

~ Amazon Reader