My Beauty For Your Ashes by Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Book 5 in the Promises to Zion series

Elder Paige Morganson has not only survived an abusive childhood, she's managed to overcome much of the anger and pain from her past and grow to love herself helped along by her relationship with God. Serving as a minister in her church, she divides her time between writing, helping other young women realize their potential, and artfully dodging her pastor’s attempts at matchmaking. Still, she finds herself unprepared for the challenge she's faced with when a door from her past is flung open, spilling secrets even she was unaware of.

Elder Brandon Tatum has finally stepped out from under his father’s shadow and is looking forward to what God has in store for his new ministerial career. The last thing he has no time for is dealing with his feelings when it comes to stubborn, golden-eyed beauties who haunt his dreams.

Widower Mason Jenson’s top priority is his daughter, Vivian. When a near-fatal accident jeopardizes her livelihood, his search for a living donor brings him face to face with a beautiful, golden-eyed woman who looks oddly familiar.

Vivian’s grandmother, Victoria Branchett, would also do anything to ensure the health of her granddaughter. But in her mind, Mason Jensen is not to be trusted. Especially since she believes he is to blame for her daughter’s death.

As the years of secrets binding these four together begin to unravel, will they overcome their anger and prejudices to find the peace and love they have long desired?

“Wow!!! “My Beauty for Your Ashes” is absolutely wonderful and wonder-filled!!!
I found it impossible to put this book down; reading well past bedtime! It is a rare gem!
I love clean Christian romance novels… this is one of the best I have read in a long time. It is full of genuine twists and turns, that just keeps you turning the page and unsure of what will happen. The storyline is extremely well thought out and developed; it is rich, deep and thought-provoking. Unlike the majority of romance books, you couldn't tell what way it would end… ” Amazon Reviewer