Missing on Main Street by Sarah Hualde

Book 1 in the Honey Pot Mysteries series

A sixteen-year-old goes missing—and her tutor is the only one looking for her.

Lydia, a homeschooling mom whose adult child has flown the nest, takes on her urge to mother by offering to tutor. Her student, Ivy, is a sweet young woman with the potential to take on the world. So when the young woman suddenly stops answering texts and phone calls, Lydia is alarmed.

With a trip to Africa to see her daughter only days away, Lydia must make a tough choice between seeing the daughter she misses or canceling her trip to search for her missing student.

As she seeks out clues with her three closest homeschooling mom friends, she’d disturbed by the info she’s discovering. A rough stepfather, an unfaithful boyfriend, and a secret double life all leave Lydia more and more concerned about Ivy. Where is the missing girl, is she okay, and can Lydia find her in time?

*This book contains heavy material but still ends on an uplifting note. ♥

Amazon Customer
“Great Christian Story… I just now found this series and truly enjoyed such a warm story. The characters were very believable and the author unwrapped each person's life at appropriate points in the plot. Serious topics were raised with just the right amount of detail and illustrates how believers should live in prayerful and helpful community with each other. I think many people long to live this way-I know I do.”