Lucie’s Billionaire Cowboy Grace by Brenda Clemmons

Book 1 in the Seven Billionaire Cowboy Brothers at Christmas Wilmont Lodge series

Jason Harkrider has a lot on his plate managing Wilmont Lodge and Ranch with his six brothers, and being a billionaire only makes it a little bit easier. As much work as it is, though, Jason loves Christmas season at the Lodge the best, and there are many memories that the Harkrider brothers have that honor their mother’s memory.

The Christmas play is one of their favorites. But this year, the Christmas play brings more than happy memories. It also brings them Lucie Elders, who earns the female lead role both in the play and in Jason’s heart.

But Jason is afraid that he won’t be able to divide his time between the all-consuming ranch work and Lucie. As the young couple struggles to overcome small hurdles, a far larger problem creeps up on them, suddenly threatening their lives.

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What a fantastic start to the series! The Harkrider brothers are wonderful, and I can't wait to read more about their individual stories. –MM