Hell's Handmaiden by Allen Gregory

Book 3 in the Flint Stryker Thriller series

An unhinged cult leader bent on remaking the world in her image is just one of the perils facing Linchpin operative Flint Stryker in his latest adventure.

Beset by threats on multiple levels which threaten to rip apart the fabric of society, Flint seeks to neutralize an old nemesis who is intent on sowing worldwide chaos and financial ruin. Hell’s Handmaiden is the harrowing third installment in the Flint Stryker Linchpin Thriller Series. Hell’s Handmaiden keeps the thrills at a fever pitch a Flint seeks to thwart a goddess-wanna-be.

The clock is ticking as Flint and CJ sift through the clues and seek to stop a bloodbath and an all-out gender war.

This book captured my imagination from the very beginning. Allen Gregory draws the characters with skill and moves the plot with energetic action. Events proceed quickly. Scenes change at an exciting pace. The dialog is smart and humorous. You never know what is coming next.

This story drew me eagerly into a world where duty and honor meet darkness and violence. I could not put the book down, and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.
– C.E. “Skip” Anderson / Amazon Customer