Dirty Deal by Crystal Kaswell

Book 1 in the Dirty Rich series

Kat Wilder is struggling. She waits tables to support her little sister, but the money never goes far enough. She needs help, fast, or she's going to lose their home.

Enter Blake Sterling. The tech billionaire offers Kat a lifeline. A million dollars for her hand in marriage. A million dollars to don designer dresses, smile at paparazzi, stare into his eyes like she's madly in love. As long as she keeps up the ruse, she secures her family's future.

It's a good deal. Even if Blake is arrogant, impossible to read, and insanely handsome. How can someone so cold leave her so hot? When she's with him, she's on fire. There's something about his dirty demands… her body begs her to obey.

She can play his wife. But can she fall into his bed without falling in love with him?

I love everything written by Crystal Kaswell. And this book is no exception. Kat meets Blake, a tech billionaire, by literally running into him. He helps her walk to work. He’s concerned about her sprained ankle and wants her to call him. He shows up at her job with an offer – marry him for 6 months to a year and he’ll give her anything she wants plus a million dollars after they divorce. Why? He can’t say. Or won’t say. He also says he will not love her because he is incapable of love. Kat thinks about the mortgage she’s been struggling with since her parents died 3 years ago and she had to drop out of school. She’s thinking of how her sister Lizzy got into NYU but how were they supposed to cover tuition? Soooo, will she accept his offer? Probably. There’s also a sizzling attraction between them. Two broken people, caring strongly for others, at the expense of themselves? Will they recognize love before it’s too late? Read the book.
– LRC, Amazon Review