Unveiled (Raven Daughter book 1) by A.D. Trosper

I’m Jo and the death of my mother revealed a whole lot of secrets she was keeping. Like the fact that my sperm-donor father was a freaking angel who couldn’t keep it in his pants and slept with a woman he should never have been with. Or the fact I’m not mortal and would one day be a reaper of souls.

Reaping souls, now there is something I never dreamed I would do, but here I am doing just that. Or at least I was, until souls started becoming Lost. And that’s when things went south.

When I stupidly agreed to help discover what was causing the Lost without reading the fine print first. Now a lot of immortals would like to see me dead because of what I might become. To top it off, I ended up blood bound to a powerful half-demon who is supposed to be a reaper’s sworn enemy. Funny thing is he may be the only one I can trust.

“This was such a unique and captivating story. Jo was an ordinary eighteen-year-old caught in an extraordinary situation. She was likable and relatable and I loved how she reacted to all the crazy situations and just sort of took them all in stride. I really liked reading about her shifting into a raven. I've never read a raven shifter book before and found that to be really unique and interesting. I LOVED Caius. He was super sexy and his character was so intriguing. I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in the next book.” ~ Riverside Reader