The Nephilim Protocol by JD Kloosterman

Everyone in his life has always seemed to hate him. Chad doesn't know why. He never can do the right thing to please anyone. He doesn't understand what he's supposed to be guilty of, or why everyone assumes he's so dangerous. When a friend tries to shoot up the school, Chad smashes through a brick wall in the fight to stop him. And then he knows.
Descended from the race of the half-angel Nephilim, Chad has gained massive strength, quick reflexes, and varied strange abilities. Once, his ancestors were kings, Templars, demigods; ruling the Earth with cruel indifference. Now, their descendants are imprisoned on the most remote location in Alaska–Attu Island, hundreds of miles out in the ocean.
Up against the camp's guards, the fatal Alaskan weather, and even his fellow Nephilim campers, simply surviving is a challenge for Chad. He doesn't want to die at the camp, but at the frozen edge of the world, can even an angel escape?
Warning: Contains strong language and frank discussion of multiple sensitive issues.

“Mr. Kloosterman's style seems to draw influence from sci-fi and fantasy heavyweights such as Orson Scott Card and J. K. Rowling, which I believe will serve him well as he continues to tell Chad Gareth Dickson's story. I look forward to reading more of his works as he continues to refine and develop his narratological skills, and I encourage other fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and/or magical realism to see what he has to offer.” –Devin M.