Darkwood Crossing: Bailey, The Critter Sitter by Ella Vaughn

Scary things live in Darkwood Crossing. And they have young…

Uprooted from her childhood home, Bailey Dupont and her family moved across the country and now live in Darkwood Crossing, a crowded apartment complex in Dallas. She’s lost, lonely and feeling pretty dead inside. It’s only when she takes her first sitting job that she stumbles across a big secret that will change her life; the folks who live at Darkwood Crossing aren't quite what they seem to be. In fact, most of them aren't even human.

Her guide in this new “normal” is Zoe Dane, fellow human, who somehow knows how to navigate the weirdness that is Darkwood Crossing because she lives there, too. When trouble looms, Bailey and Zoe join forces to confront the…things that threaten them as well as well as the kids they protect. They're aided by a mysterious, but very hot Guardian named Parker–who might or might not be human. It'll take Bailey's strength, Zoe's knowledge and Parker's authority as a Guardian to fight the final battle to save the kids of DARKWOOD CROSSING.

Babysitting…who knew it'd be so dangerous?

“Holy! Schmolie! I was hooked from the beginning. Not even exaggerating. Following Bailey, Zoe, Nate, Parker and Ash through the twists and turns of Darkwood Crossing, with its other-wordly creatures and humans, kept me turning the pages. There were so many twists, turns and surprises on nearly every page. The plot is tight and compelling. ” — Amazon reviewer