Dark Whispers by Karen Sandler

Liz Madison would rather meet the ghost of Hoyo del Diablo cavern than get anywhere near the handsome and ruthless Ethan Winslow. But a temporary marriage to Ethan is the only way she can join his science team for a new underground experiment.

Living as husband and wife belowground, Liz bounces between a powerful attraction for Ethan and complete exasperation with his arrogance. Then the fabled Hoyo del Diablo ghost appears to Liz with a warning. An evil entity haunts the cavern, and that dark spirit wants to kill all the humans invading its realm.

As Liz considers how to tell her temporary husband about the ghost’s warning, the evil entity takes control of Ethan. Can Ethan be trusted to see the truth? Will he fight for their survival and their newfound happiness? Or will he give in to the darkness that will lead to their deaths?

If you enjoy dark and sensual paranormal romance, you'll love Dark Whispers. Buy your copy today!

I just couldn't put this book down. The characters were so real I felt as if I was there! I would reccommend this book to anyone! –ahsihs on Amazon