Bewitched in Time by Rae Stapleton

hey are destined for one another but are they destined for love or death?

On the cusp of Sophia Marcil's soul searching trip to the French Riviera, she's met by the strange and unusual. First, her friend's research involving a cursed relic sparks an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Next, a curious book of spells that she's only ever seen in her dreams, appears out of nowhere. And last but not least, a fortune teller's warning prompts a startling hallucination.

When her boyfriend drops her from a cliff, she falls headfirst into a spinning underwater cavern in the Mediterranean Sea, only to resurface in the arms of a handsome 19th Century man.

Kingdom of Sardinia, 1859. Loyal yet lost in love, Graf Conrad Alexander Ferdinand of Württemberg is in the area to thwart his parents' efforts to marry him off. He's helping a cousin near the Palace when the woman of his dreams washes ashore. He just so happens to be there for her but when she tries to tell him she's not the real Princess Sapphira and someone is out to get her, sparks fly.

As magic intervenes, forcing the unlikely pair together, they discover their love is bewitched, and it's only the beginning. Does she return to her life of modern convenience, or stay in the past for a chance at true love? And what of the plot of the charcoal society to force her hand in marriage and overthrow the Prince?

Can Sophia and Conrad overcome a madman hungry for power, and break the curse in order to meet their fate? Or will they die as the 21st history books suggest and just how many times have they tried before?

“I’m a character reader, I get into the characters. Who and what they are. Why they do the things they do. The things that make a reader get invested into the characters and thereby the book and this book has it all!” – Roger (Goodreads Reviewer)