Sincerely Yours by Kari Trumbo


Liberty Dryden always wanted her best friend to find the man of her dreams, she just didn’t realize she’d end up as their really awkward third wheel. They’re all trying to make the best of it, but Liberty needs to make a clean break and go after her dreams.

When radio station KDWJ gives her the opportunity to be their new ad executive, that’s just the pick me up she needs! The only problem is she likes the interaction with other people that feeds her creativity. Advertising is all about connecting people and Tom Higgs, the owner of the radio station, is impossible to pin down.

Except by email.

Sure, he runs a radio station, but he’s at his best as a DJ. Stuttering has always made face to face communication almost unbearable and talking to people he can’t see allows him to relax. Why couldn’t his new ad executive just communicate with him by email? So what if he might seem a little eccentric? He works in radio and people already think of him living in a zoo cage locked in a both. Then again, Liberty really knows what she’s doing, but he’s not sure he can handle the risk of sounding like a stumbling buffoon in front of her.

So, email it is.

Struggling to understand him, Liberty listens in to his radio show. On a lark, she calls in and blurts out a fake name. Just her luck that they connect from the first. Now, she has to wonder if her innocent lie might make her lose her contract and Tom.

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