In A Pickle by Cindy Dorminy


After years of crying in her sweet tea, Regina finally has her life in order. She has a great job, wonderful friends, and a successful fiancé. But when the town council decides to do something special for this year’s Pickle Festival, life gets a little briny. As a former Pickle Queen, Regina has a chance to win fifty thousand dollars if she participates in a three-day photo scavenger hunt, but she must compete with her former Pickle King, Clint. He’s the guy who ripped her heart out when he left to play professional baseball and never looked back.

Clint Sorrow is as famous for starting bar fights as he is for stealing bases. Years ago, he vowed to never step foot back in Smithville, but when he finds out there’s a chance his baseball contract may not be renewed, he jumps at the opportunity to show his team he’s not a liability. As a bonus, he’ll get to spend time with Regina, the girl he left… and never stopped loving.

When Clint gets wind of Regina’s engagement, he decides he must stop it before she does something they’ll both regret. But Clint has a secret that will not only destroy her plans but may cause him to be benched for life.

It feels like I'm reading a movie!
Linda Seale

A little sweet, a little sour…
Can't put it down

Love this cast of quirky characters!
Kelly H

If you are looking for a fun romance with lots of heart, I recommend this one.
Baroness Book Trove

The same small town I fell in love with while reading In A Jam is back!
Behind the Willows

Humorous page turner
Baughman Chronicles

Second chance that could be the real dill!!
Lauren, KU Reader