Heart of Spring by Cherime MacFarlane


A mother without her child for over twenty years. Will she ever see him again?
Book one of the series, this is a cliff hanger.
Lily Raven’s husband took their son and disappeared. Will she ever see him again? Drake wasn’t the only one who ripped her heart out. Destry was her friend, first love. How could Drake’s younger brother keep her child away from her?
Destry did what he could. He had to wait until the boy came of age to say anything. Drake would have vanished into South America with Teller forever. A twist of fate kept him stranded on a mountain. He wasn’t there to keep Teller from enlisting. At last he sees a chance to send Teller to his mother. He won’t blow it this time.
The revelation about his mother sends Teller on a drive through Canada to Alaska. Did his father lie to him? Did she want him? He’s about to risk his heart and find out. The women he finds in his mother’s office will change his life.

Fifty Sheds of Books “As ever with a Cherime MacFarlane novel the characters are strong and the story thoughtful. There is a gritty reality to her tales that makes the stories compelling and truthful.”