Finding a Bride by R.J. Groves


Caitlyn is planning the perfect life with the perfect man. Soon, she'll be married to one of Goulburn's most public figures and nothing will get in her way. Not even the obnoxious lawyer she keeps running into.

But when her engagement falls through and she finds herself questioning everything she once knew to be true, she has no choice but to turn to that obnoxious, sexy, headstrong lawyer for help. Their lives are a lot more intertwined than she first thought, and falling in love is not the only thing she's in danger of.

Axel’s worked hard for everything in his life and being a lawyer is no exception. He’s after one thing—justice—and nothing will stop him on his mission to bring Andy Graeme down. Not even the pompous bride-to-be who keeps getting in his head.

But when he finds her brokenhearted and alone, he knows something's not right. As secrets reveal themselves and his past comes back to haunt him, he discovers they're both in much more danger than he first thought. But by then, they're already in too deep.

He will do everything in his power to keep Caitlyn safe.

Even if it kills him.

“A sweet romance that pulls you in and keeps you wanting more, only to then have your heart racing because of all the twists and turns.” – Goodreads reviewer
“A perilous balancing act of taking down a very bad man while they fight their feelings for each other.” – Goodreads reviewer
“Well, this book was one hell of a surprise.” – Goodreads reviewer