Epona by Michelle Dalton


Can love heal all ?

A farm attack robs Sadie Munro of her loved ones leaving her scarred and broken. Now her only hope is to escape the country of her birth for a foreign land, far away.
But Sadie’s life may still be in danger.

Blane Buchan is an Englishmen seeking a life away from the emptiness of London society and a past he'd rather forget. His heart yearns for a woman who’ll love him and not his status or bank account.

Sadie and Blanes paths cross unexpectedly when a mysterious mare appears out of nowhere.

Can Sadie overcome the trauma of her past and find redemption and love in the wild Scottish Highlands?

From the mountains of South Africa to the magical Highland Moors of Scotland, this is a story of redemption, love and the powerful connection between humans and horses.

“A brilliant women's paranormal fiction read!” GC Herselman.

“A steamy romance with great paranormal touches incorporating the beauty of South Africa and the Scottish highlands.” S VD Westhuizen.

“Africa's heart beats deeply in this must-read love story.” – T.M Clark

“Michelle Dalton's touching love story of a gifted young woman, a compassionate land-owner and the mare that brings them together, will stay with you long after you've finished the book.” – Diane Demetre