Dirty Desires by Crystal Kaswell


Eve Miller is screwed. Between rent and her family's medical debts, she's drowning. She needs money, now, or she's going to lose her sister.

Enter Ian Hunt. The tech billionaire offers her a lifeline: six figures for every one of her firsts.

It's ridiculous. The British businessman is richer than sin and hotter than hell. He can have any woman he wants. Why her?

And why is she desperate to fulfill his dirty desires? There's something about his dark eyes, his deep voice, his firm touch… her body responds for her.

Yes. She can abide by his terms. But can she fall into his bed without falling in love with him?

Well let me tell you, this story is everything!!! Eve is 18 and has taken care of herself and her twin for a couple years. Her life has been a struggle and she has so much weighing on her. Enter Ian. He's a little damaged and has trust issues. All he wants to do is give Eve a better chance at life. He sets a time limit, to protect his heart. Gah! These two are fabulous together!! The witty banter and steamy sexy times with a strong storyline make this a book I wish I could read for the first time again.