Crossing the Line: A Military Romantic Suspense by Candace Irvin


Twice orphaned as a child, US Army Captain Eve Paris has never depended on anyone, save the women of her university's military sorority. Now a Black Hawk pilot, Eve is thrilled to fly troops into the jungles of Central America. She'll see her best friend for the first time in years.

Joy turns to tragedy as their chopper crashes miles inside hostile territory. With her sorority sister and the crew dead, Eve is forced to depend on Special Forces Captain Rick Bishop to make it out alive.

Back on American soil, Eve's wings are stripped. Her career is over because of a statement made by Rick.

Rick's certain pilot error caused those deaths—until he's reunited with Eve and looks into her grief-stricken eyes. Rick's determined to find out what really caused that crash. Because of his own part in his fellow passenger and platoon sergeant's death, yes.

But Rick has also begun to care for Eve.

To accomplish their private, unauthorized mission, Rick and Eve must reenter enemy territory—and risk igniting an international incident…as well as a passion that may prove deadlier to both their hearts than any bullet could.

Meet the Sisters in Arms: They met in college. By graduation, they were inseparable. No matter where the military sends them, each knows she had a core of friendship and support on which to draw if she ever has cause. But fate's about to test them all, and each woman will soon need her Sisters in Arms…

Crossing the Line is Book 1 in the Sisters in Arms romantic suspense series. If you like strong, female protagonists mixed with intense romance and page-turning suspense, you'll love this story by Candace Irvin.

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5.0 out of 5 stars! An excellent military romance of flawed people who need to forgive themselves…with on the edge of your seat excitement. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED –M. Hartmann