Caleb's Destiny by Carole Brown


Mr. Michael, Destiny Rose McCulloch, and Hunter have a mysterious history. Why were three fathers, all business partners, murdered under suspicious circumstances while on their quest to find gold?

Hunter, who is Mr. Michael's ranch manager, is determined to find the answers and protect the precocious young lady who he suspects holds a key answer to his questions.

Mr. Michael wants only to be left alone to attend to his property, but what can he do when Destiny refuses to leave and captures the heart of every one of his employees?

Destiny almost forgets her quest when she falls in love with Mr. Michael's ranch and all the people there. And then Mr. Michael is much too alluring to ignore. The preacher man back east where she took her schooling tried to claim her heart, but the longer she stays the less she can remember him. She only came west to find a little boy she knew years ago. A little boy all grown up by now…unless, of course, he's dead.

Brown’s latest story-telling chops take her fans back to gold rush days, with all the deviousness mankind can wrought. Three youngsters, gathered by tragedy and separated by time are fated to reunite and re-right some powerful wrongs. Rich setting and always excellent scenes will enchant the lover the romantic historical suspense.

Brown’s stories tend to be rich on nuance and detail, spiritual and wholesome tales. In this story, we hearken back to gold rush days in Colorado, where men become impatient and fools rush in. Three children, orphaned at the outset of the 1870s, are brought together for a very brief time after suffering tragedy.

Young Caleb is a determined protector; Destiny is a spitfire young girl, and Hunter, a young man with a loyal heart. They all witness horrifying crimes. The story picks up fifteen years later when Destiny travels back to the west in an effort to learn more of her history, Only a child when sent to Boston, she longs for a sense of family and friendship she once knew after losing her mother. Her reintroduction to Colorado is a rather violent one, and she’s rescued by the local landowner—a man burdened by secrets.

Caleb’s Destiny continues to unfold as the past slowly opens to reveal the intrigue and reasons behind the sorrowful events of the past. Lovingly researched with well-fleshed characters, Brown unwinds her story through multiple viewpoints, great dialog, and realistic events. Fans of historical fiction with all the romance and suspense of classic westerns will find much to love.–Lisa, a reviewer