Bad in Boots by Em Petrova


When Cort Bellamy downed one too many Snakebites one night, he never expected to wake up naked and on TV. To make things worse, they blurred out his best asset. But now, he’s back in Crossroads, Georgia, and making a deal with the Devil himself—his old man. If he cleans up his act, Cort will have a piece of the family business, but he isn’t sure he wants to be stuck in this small town that started all his troubles to begin with when his fiancée dumped him and ran to the bright lights of the city.

Joss Ellis hates returning to her hometown with her tail tucked, a failure in the eyes of everyone. Her aspirations of making a place for herself in the big city have left her defeated and more than a little depressed. But the minute she sees her rugged ex, her emotions take a detour to hot and bothered. He’s bigger and more untamed than ever, which always gets her engines revving. Too bad there’s so much bad juju between them, because she wouldn’t mind taking him for another spin.

It’s impossible not to run into each other. Even the secret fishing holes are a reminder of whispers and promises that never came true. Now Cort and Joss haven’t only grown up—they’re entirely different people. In this chapter of their lives, there’s no time for rekindling romance or stolen kisses behind the barn. And there’s definitely no room for losing their hearts a second time around.

“This was a perfect love story” <3 <3