Autism Novels Box Set by Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell


A single dad. A special-needs child. A dedicated teacher. Can they be what each other needs?

Ben’s frantic, sixty-hour workweek has no room for family. But when he learns he must care for the autistic son he never knew he had, he turns his can-do attitude toward helping his five-year-old adjust to a new school and home. And while he knows caring for Kyle will be challenging, he didn’t expect it to open his eyes to life’s everyday wonders…

Schoolteacher Melanie is committed to a positive environment for every student. So when the new parent in class resists her advice for his autistic child, she fears he’s just another stubborn dad. But as she convinces Ben to work with her to support Kyle’s development, it could spark the beginning of a beautiful bond…

From the creative mind of a psychologist, teacher, and specialist in autism disorders comes a collection of five memorable novels of life and love on the spectrum. Featuring schoolkids, shut-ins, and chefs, these unique fictional accounts depict the challenges and celebrate the joys of raising children and young adults with special needs.

Autism Box Set contains Books 1-5 of the inspiring School Daze fiction series. If you like true-to-life stories infused with practical information, compassionate characters, and tales of overcoming adversity, then you’ll adore Dr. Sharon A. Mitchell’s heartwarming anthology.

Download Autism Box Set to join a brave journey of love and understanding today!

Inspiring! Wonderful, insightful stories about autism and coping methods. These books have well-developed characters, some of which recur in the first 4 books. – TopMom52

I LOVED this book. Being an autism mom, I'm accustomed to reading, dry, boring medical-like books filled with facts and figures. This was a refreshing change of pace. Being not really so into fiction, I still really enjoyed this fictional story with built in ideas. For example, the main character has issues and the teacher helps him, and in the process gives ME as a mom, ideas about how to help MY son in a similar situation. VERY cool idea. Very good read for autism moms!!!********This book should be on everyone's reading list. It is a heartwarming story of a single father (Ben) struggling to understand his son (Kyle) who has autism. With help from the son's teacher (Mel), Ben develops to skills to raise Kyle and feel like a successful parent. A must read for parents, teachers and just those who respect family no matter what form they come in. – Autism Mom