Edged by Heather Slade


Former M15 agent Keon “Edge” Edgemon is counting the seconds until he can get back to the one woman who’s piqued his interest. After a perilous mission for the Invincibles, Edge spends months in recovery from a gunshot wound that almost ended his life. Finally back home in Texas, he discovers that Lucy “Rebel” Marks is in jail for murder. Edge won’t rest until she’s free – and back in his arms.

Hellbent on proving her innocence, Rebel is determined to get to the bottom of who really killed the man who’d tried to rape her the same night he was murdered. She’s not about to spend the rest of her life in prison for a crime she didn’t commit when she can spend her life in Edge’s arms – and bed.

When Edge starts digging into the murder, one thing is certain: Rebel’s life is in danger. Arranging for her to be released on bail, Edge brings Rebel to the King Alexander Ranch to keep her safe under his careful watch. For Rebel, “house arrest” can’t be too bad, especially when she has Edge’s constant attention.

But can the youngest member of the Invincibles save Rebel from an enemy with a vendetta, or will they both be pushed over the edge?

Hot Edgy Romance Overload. Edged has hero written all over it. Dive into the mystery of a love that refuses to be tamed. She needs a hero. He wants to be so much more. Slade goes full throttle with sexy, sassy and sensitive bringing up the rear. Battley is back to pull at the heartstrings while bringing on the danger. —Audible Reviewer