Crimson by Arthur Slade


Fen, a simple villager, wakes one morning to discover that her hair has gone crimson: a sign she has been invested with wildmagic. This is a death sentence. Queen Servilia, the only person allowed to use magic, sends her soldiers to execute her. When the village is burned to the ground and her sister captured, Fen faces an impossible choice. Will she use her wildmagic to unleash an ancient god who could overthrow the queen, but whose power may be even more terrifying?
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★★★★★ “The writing is tight. The plot and pace excellent. The story is incredible. The story brings to mind Guy Gavriel Kay's Tigana and also LeGuin's A Wizard of Earthsea. A big 5 stars. An amazing read!”
–Steven R. McEvoy, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer