California Bound by Frank Kelso


In a Union POW camp, Jeb & Zach dreamed of finding California Gold, but the road West leads Jeb past his sister's home in Texas. He finds her dead! A border war rages on the Rio near Eagle Pass with cattle rustled and ranches burned. Innocents are killed or kidnapped. Jeb’s niece is missing.
The Cavalry officer said, “Cortina has an adobe-walled fort. My company couldn’t take it without artillery! What chance do 2 men have?”
Jeb’s plan is to carry a case of dynamite to Cortina’s fort, sneak his niece away, and blow-up the fort. What could go wrong?

California Bound, by Frank Kelso and John O’Melveny Woods, is simply great western story-telling. California Bound is gritty, tough and ruthless – the sort of Clint Eastwood style of action in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and yet, with the panache, flippant and flirtatious flamboyance of saddle-riding, gun-shooting cowboys who smile at danger and wink at death at every turn.