Anna’s Guide to Getting Even by Laura Heffernan


Anna's perfect life has become a category 5 disaster.

A hurricane destroying her home is only the beginning of Anna's troubles. Her ex, Eric, plasters private photos of her on billboards all over the city and across the internet. The backlash against her makes the storm look tame: She's suspended from her job. Her current boyfriend dumps her. The cops blame her for the pictures. Her friends vanish.

Trapped in despair, Anna seeks answers at the bottom of booze bottles, meaningless sex, and pills. When she hits rock bottom, holding Eric accountable is her only way out of the mess her life's become. He's always seemed untouchable, but if there's one thing this experience has taught her, it's that no one is too perfect to be brought down.

She just has to create a perfect storm of her own.

“ What a fantastic piece of writing, this story really brings home the consequences of photos in the wrong hands. This is a really interesting story, the characters are easy to imagine but also the depth of the issues that occur and the severity of what it could do to your health. It’s, a love story that will keep you gripped to the very end.
The narrator is in my opinion a very talented person, the ease of how she flows between characters is superb, whether male or female. Raquel really does bring this book to life.“ – Tom, Audible reviewer