When the Stars Align by Isabel Jolie

In college, Jackson Hendricks seemed like the perfect catch. The kind of guy who could be the forever guy. Turned out, he’s as old-fashioned as my ex. He expected me to give up my hard-earned dream job and follow him to Georgia.

It hurt, but I said no way. Then he said goodbye.

Now I’m an up and coming art director in the city that never sleeps. Eighteen hour days? Yes, that’s my life. But so worth it.

When the elevator doors opened, and he stood there in front of suitcases, I couldn’t believe it. Of all the apartment buildings in New York. But, he’s a newcomer to my city. So, I did what anyone would do. I offered to help him get settled. I’d do that for any of my friends.

I thought we had a good thing. One fight and Anna moved on. It doesn’t matter now.

When I accepted a position in New York, it wasn’t for the city. I’m married to my career, at least until I hit partner. I’m a different person now.

Still, nothing could’ve prepared me for seeing Anna again. Leave it to Chase to find me a sublease in Anna Daughtridge’s building. All the old feelings are still there, but I won’t fall in love. Not now, not with her. Not again. I don’t repeat mistakes.

But, since we're living near each other, and both of us are all about our careers, then it won't hurt to have a little fun, right?

“Loved this book! As a Tarheel fan, I could connect with the Chapel Hill references! Enjoyed reading about the main characters’ lives evolving and reconnecting in NYC. Romance, careers, family, and a dog….something for everyone.” – Amazon Reader