The Run Around by Bernadette Franklin

Arranging a wedding for her brother and a five-time thoroughbride tests Hope’s skills and patience. She’d believed the vows would be the most dangerous part of the ceremony, but a baseball to the head during the photography session proves her wrong and lands her in the sights of her brother’s best friend, Fredrick.

He wants her to plan his wedding.

She wants to be his bride.

Diving into the treacherous world of wedding planning, Hope keeps her word and arranges the vows for the one man she believes she could love. He doesn’t know how much she cherishes him and his friendship.

What she doesn’t know lands her in the heart of a royal mess.

“A happy break from reality. And a read that I can come back to again and again when a joy boost is needed.

Comedy, check. Romance, slowly developing, check. Hero and heroine attracted by personality and engaging interactions, check. Over the top secondary characters, check. Positive family relationships, check. Adorable pets, check. Puns, check. ”

~Elizabeth N., in an Amazon review.