House of Illusions by Pippa J. Frost

Winter has come to the remote mountain village, embroiling Valentina in tragedy.

A dark energy has arisen, threatening to destroy the peace between dwarves and humans in a rash of violent chaos.

In her battle to survive, Valentina finds sanctuary in the most unlikely of places. Even so, she soon discovers she can’t outrun the secrets buried within her.

Despite being a seasoned crusader, Nisse has never encountered anything as malicious as the dark magic that ravages his canton. Driven by a desire to protect Valentina, he rushes to the chateau to warn her—only to find the estate in disrepair, and no signs of life.

Fearing for the woman he loves, Nisse seeks out the rightful Lord Winslow, who fled the canton years ago.

Will they find a way to recover the peace between dwarves and humans? Can Valentina ever claim happiness when she learns the harsh truth about what surges through her veins?

“A well written twisted fairy tale that held my interest until the end.”—Amazon Reviewer