Billionaires on the Rebound by Hildie McQueen, Zee Monodee, Reina Torres, R. Castro, Terri J. Haynes, Cate Remy, and Michael Santos

If you love summer love, sunset kisses and flirty romance, you will want to sail with the Billionaires on the Rebound.

Next stop: An all-inclusive, 14-day Caribbean Cruise for two.

Sail aboard the “The Ocean's Delight”, a cruise with single billionaires looking for love. Will the couples successfully find true love… or will the love boat sink when they get out to sea?

The anthology is available for a limited time only. So, check out this collection of sweet contemporary romances from some of your favorite authors of color, that will bring the warmth of summer to your heart.

Set includes.

Scot Overboard by Heidi McQueen ~ Will a Scottish Billionaire and Mexcian Youtuber throw their preconceived notions overboard and make the match work?

A Royal Switcharoo by Zee Monodee ~ When two princesses switch places to win the heart of a British billionaire, will it lead to more deceit…or the fullfilment of love that started when they were all teens?

Forbidden Love by R. Castro ~ Will tequila heiress Karina Huerta break with conformity to follow her heart? Or will the bonds of family, tradition, and the possibility of failure keep her tethered to the comfort of the family empire?

It Had To Be You by Reina Torres ~ Publishing Giant Alexander Wen finds the perfect partner in Tatum Hansen, a professional ballroom dancer.

Phishing For Love by Terri J. Haynes ~ Wendell Banks needs a forensic investigator. Taylor Fowler is the best. But she’s ruined his life before. Can they work together and maybe even find love?

My Billionaire Castaway by Cate Remy ~ Movie producer Sebastian Cane didn't expect to find Tessa Mitchell, a woman from his past, working on the cruise ship. Can they sail on together or will old wounds keep them drifting apart?

Background Noise by Michael Santos ~ When rock icon Dagan Hunter learns that his true love is really a master thief out to steal more than just his heart, will he stop her…or join her?