The Millionaire Next door by Cheryl Phipps

A disastrous marriage is reason enough for Sacha to give up on men. When a sexy playboy, moves in next door and seems determined to turn her regimented life upside down she can’t trust herself to be near him. If only she could get him to leave her alone.

Lucas fell for his beautiful neighbor after one look. Permanent is not on his to-do-list so why didn’t he recognize the warning signs? What begins as a challenge, turns into something more real than he’s known before, and never anticipated finding.

Is this what he wants or needs right now?

Family Ties Series
The Millionaire Next Door
The Millionaires Proposal
The Millionaire's Seduction

“Ok started this book at an appointment read it thru till the end . Loved the highs,misunderstandings and the hints that money doesn't mean a smooth life and family is…!” EReed