The Earl's Inconvenient Wife by Ruth Ann Nordin

When Nathaniel (Nate) Buford’s brother died, the title of Earl of Roderick passed to him, as did the duty to get an heir, a duty he doesn’t want. Now he must find a lady who suits him among the money-grubbing Ton and marry her, but it is not as easy as he would want. Fate is about to play him another unfair hand, as a moment’s kindness to a lady has him trapped by scandal to a family that is reported to desire money above all else.

Miss Claire Lowell desires marriage to a kind and respectable gentleman who she could love, but one moment might destroy it all. Despite all her protests that the scandalous circumstances were merely an accident, her family forces to accept Lord Roderick’s marriage proposal, and now she is tied to a man who blames her for trapping him into a marriage that neither of them wanted.

Is Claire condemned to a loveless marriage because of her father’s eagerness to marry her to an earl? Is Nate capable of seeing past all the circumstances that brought him his wife and see Claire for who she really is? Is it possible for love to thrive with all distrust, deception, and misunderstandings plaguing their marriage?

“Captivating story real life characters I've re-read more than once” – Review from Barnes & Noble
“I love the characters and the ending of the story. No unnecessary details . Keep it up” – Review from Kobo
“Very beautiful, romantic and sometimes funny story” – Review from Apple
“I love romantic novels and this one had a wonderful storyline to keep me entertained! Fabulous!” – Review from Amazon