The Alien's Future by Ella Maven

Space ship travel when you’ve been kidnapped sucks. I don’t get a pillow, there’s no snacks, and worst of all—the whole ship crashes. Except, it doesn’t crash on Earth, or even Mars. Nope, I’m in a whole new galaxy on a foreign planet and some body-builder-looking blue horned aliens with lots of piercings have decided I’m their new play thing. And not in a good way.

Until one alien decides he’s not going to share, and maybe I have a concussion from the crash, because I’m all about the possessive way he protects me. But there’s no way he’ll fight his whole clan for me… right?

The Alien’s Future is a standalone prequel novella in the Drixonian Warrior series. It can be read before, during, or after any book in the series. Enjoy!

“Emotions are dripping off the pages!” – Goodreads Reviewer