Royal Alpha Wolves Club by Bella Night

The Royal Alpha Wolves Club was an ancient organization formed to protect werewolves and the secrets of their species. They have chapters all over the world that offer safe houses for wolves in need and rules to keep local packs in line.

The Lazy Moon is the Club’s headquarters in the Louisiana territory. It was supposed to be a safe place for all shifters. But one new law has just turned it into a war zone. And now the lives of four royal shifters hang in the balance.

Forced to find a mate and produce an heir or forfeit the lives they know these alphas must make a choice.

Love or revenge?

Meet the Alphas:

Dorian Calhoun—royal alpha shifter for hire with a taste for forbidden love.

Alec St. James—irresistible playboy with a royal chip on his shoulder.

Wayland Leblanc—legendary royal alpha, hellbent on revenge for his murdered mate.

Tobias Locke—royal alpha club council member, devoted husband and pack leader.

This free prequel will introduce you to the story and give you keen insight to the intense world of these sexy royal alpha wolves so you're ready to devour the 4 full length books.

Make sure to check out the entire series.

4 books. 4 authors. 4 alphas. 1 shared world.

Bella Night – Bound by Blood (Book 1: Dorian’s story)

R.J. Lloyd – Heir to Redemption (Book 2: Alec’s story)

Catherine Stine – Alpha’s Revenge (Book 3: Wayland’s story)

M.R. Polish – Savage Vengeance (Book 4: Tobias’s story)

“The perfect blend of sexy and rugged. Alpha”s you can root for.” – Booksprout Reviewer