Phoenix Team One: Selected by Claire Luana

An unsolved murder. A shadowy organization. One woman desperate to find the truth…

Zariya Chanji is convinced her father was murdered. She’ll stop at nothing to uncover the truth—even if she has to break into the headquarters of the Mythical Alliance of Supernatural Creatures, one of the most powerful organizations in the world. Zariya knows MASC had a hand in covering up her father's murder. What she doesn’t know is why.

When her investigation draws the unwanted attention of a MASC vampire who is as handsome as he is powerful, Zariya knows she’s close to the truth. But the deeper she gets, the more dangers lurk in the shadows, and the harder it becomes to tell friend from foe. The truth will change everything—if Zariya can stay alive long enough to find it.

Phoenix Team One: Selected is the first episode of a SERIALIZED urban fantasy tale. Approximately 30,000 words or 120 print pages. Cliffhangers ahead…

“One action packed, hard hitting, pulse racing, heart pounding, adrenaline rush, page flipping delight, keeps you riveted and on a razors edge.” -Amazon revieweralign='full']KOBO[/thrive_link][/one_fourth_last]