Maggie by Cal Hayes

In his day, Dr. Richard Downey was world famous for gene research. In Chicago he began his secret experiment with the human genome, his “Experiment with Eve,” he called it. Excited that removing parts of the genome, those thought to perform no purpose, would lead back to a powerful original human design. What would it be like? He drove himself to death pursuing it. Even then, he left Corbin, an incredible artificial intelligence, in relentless battle to complete his mission.

After decades, Corbin completed the mission, and contacted Dilan Baird, the only living heir to Downey Labs. They collaborated over the living but unconscious Eve. The resultant human became conscious, leading to an international auction, a vanishing lab, and Dilan's morphing into Rubin Tate.

But the newly awakened human wasn’t Eve. No, indeed, she was Maggie.

And, let me tell you, Maggie is a different story!

“The author developed and likable protagonist with an inquiring mind. It is an active plot through the entire book. Using an extension of real science it rapidly becomes science fiction. Complete with bad guys attacking the business and a super heron helping save the day. Interesting use of words and thoughts. It was a good break from the other books I have poured through during isolation.” – Bill