Another Vice by Patricia Hoving

Lane Orr never expected to find love when she was passed over for a new promotion. Instead, she’ll be babysitting a bunch of Frat boys as there Den Mother. But she’s not the only new kid on the scene. A transfer from France will wreak havoc in her life.

Clay Hearst transferred to America for one reason only. Access to more drugs. When his Den Mother discovers his drug habit, he will pull her into the destructive tornado that is his life. Now he has two ways to avoid his troubles.

But as Lane discovers that two secrets are worse than none. She beings to wonder if she’ll be able to keep her teaching job and hold on to Clay at the same time. So she demands that he join an N.A. meeting to get clean. However, will the people in her support group, help her realize that she’s already picked up Another Vice?

“Another Vice had a dark well written plot that had many feelings.” — Dani, Amazon Reviewer