Aimpoint: A US Army Detective Regan Chase Thriller by Candace Irvin

US Army CID Special Agent Regan Chase thought she knew the answer–until her target changed and her case blew up in her face.

“Your suspect is Special Forces.”

The tip is from a Stateside colleague. With it comes the chilling reality: Regan's latest mission just might be her last. Has one of the Army's elite soldiers turned terrorist? It's happened before–with deadly results.

Not only is this soldier more lethal than most, he's a master at rigging bombs. Unfortunately, Regan's gun-shy commander won't let her tail the sergeant. Worse, her suspect has refused to take the bait–her.

Regan has one option left. She'll have to maintain her cover and get close to the sergeant's roommate, deliberately using their budding relationship to zero in on her target. But John Garrison is hiding something too.

Has the war-weary Green Beret captain been turned as well?

As the investigation deepens, lines are crossed–personal and professional. Even if Regan succeeds in thwarting a horrific bombing on German soil, what will the fallout do to her career?

Aimpoint is Book 1 in the Deception Point Military Thriller Series. If you like strong, female protagonists with gripping, complex suspense that twists and turns all the way to The End, you'll love this introduction to Candace Irvin's US Army CID thrillers.

“As good as it gets!! Regan Chase is a character we all come to understand, admire and yes, even love. I have read over 200 books in the last few years including authors Baldacci, J.D. Robb, Cussler, Sandra Brown, Connelly, Lister, Patterson, Preston & Child, Cornwell….to name a few. Aimpoint by Candace Irvin stands their equal. Well written and impossible to put down. Looking forward to the next release.–Gary C.