You Oughta Know by Sue Phillips

There are things in life you oughta know if your heart is going to survive.

Her husband held all the cards—money, fame and power—but a shocking revelation destroys both Megan Fisher’s self-esteem and her marriage, and now she must figure out a way to take back her independence, pick up the pieces of her life, and care for her ten-year-old son.

When a job opens up at a summer camp in Malibu, Megan jumps at the chance to be a counselor. She’ll be able to provide for her son and they’ll both have a safe place to heal. Little does Megan know that they have stepped into a world where even the promise of new love is tainted by accusations that threaten to shatter Megan’s heart—and her son’s—once again.

A single mother’s journey of hope, courage and strength.

Read an Excerpt:

Several minutes later, Megan left the medical building near Memorial Hospital and drove her Lexus down the streets of Long Beach toward the ocean, turning from Second Street onto the narrow streets of her Naples Isle neighborhood. Her three-story house looked more like an Italian villa, towering over the sidewalks surrounding their pie-shaped corner lot one block from the circular canal.

Five years earlier on Christmas Eve, Stewart had given her a velvet jeweler’s box. She had expected a ring. An emerald, hopefully. Her birthstone. Instead, she had found a house key tucked inside.

“To our new home,” Stewart had said with the enthusiasm of a little kid, never realizing that she might have wanted to share in the enormous decision to buy a multimillion-dollar house.

But Stewart wasn’t that way. He made decisions for himself, not her. Sometimes Megan wondered why she hadn’t once questioned this behavior when they were dating. Back then, he joked about being her knight in shining armor, someone who wanted nothing more than to take care of her, slay her dragons, treat her like a princess. Never once had she considered that he was incapable of thinking of anyone else but himself.

Megan pulled into the garage, cut the engine, and punched the remote button, shutting out the afternoon sun. Tossing her keys into her purse, she tried to shake off the feeling of unease that had plagued her since this morning.

Her sixth-grade students had picked up on it, acting out more than usual before she had left for her appointment.

She dropped her head back against the headrest and closed her eyes, half wishing for a physical reason behind her symptoms. Something simple. Something treatable. Not cancer, God forbid. And definitely not a pregnancy.

Opening her eyes, Megan took a slow, deep breath and exhaled, wondering how Dr. Ames would have reacted if he’d known that her charming and handsome husband hardly noticed her in recent months, making love to her as if it was an appointment penciled into his busy schedule somewhere between calls from his personal publicist and emails from his editor.

Despite his notoriously sexy crime novels, Stewart left passion to the pages of his books. Not that her husband wasn’t good in bed. On the contrary, he knew exactly how to satisfy her. His technique was flawless.

But completely devoid of emotion.

The words seemed to have a voice of their own, taunting her with the pathetic truth behind their perfect marriage. She’d loved Stewart almost from the first moment they had met in college. Even though he said he loved her, he was not the type to show it. Orphaned at fifteen, he’d shut down his emotions, which served him just fine in the police force, he’d once told her, firmly closing the door on the subject.

Get over it, Megan.

Mentally pushing aside the quiet loneliness, she went through the door leading into the kitchen. As she entered the house, she left her purse and school papers on the counter adjacent to the back stairwell, then paused at the first step to slip the high heels off her swollen feet. With shoes dangling from one hand, she slowly climbed the two flights to the third floor where the melody from a jazz saxophone drifted to her ears.

A renewed feeling of dread swept over her.

She slowed, listening.

Initially, she thought the music was coming from somewhere beyond the open windows at the end of the hall. But as she approached her bedroom, she heard a weather report, then another song being introduced.

It’s only the clock radio, she realized with relief. She must have forgotten to shut it off in her morning rush.

Unbuttoning her silk blouse, she decided Dr. Ames was probably right about her stress level. If something as trivial as a radio could shoot her heart rate sky-high, she needed to learn how to relax. She would start with a nice long soak in the Jacuzzi tub, then curl up with a good book until Jason came home from school.

Struggling with the one-handed approach, she looked down at the stubborn button as she walked through the doorway.

Stewart’s chuckle brought her head up. Across the room, the floral bedspread rippled and shifted with movement.

“Stewart?” His name rushed past her lips so softly Megan wasn’t even sure she had spoken until she heard a muffled curse coming from the bed.

She watched him scrambling beneath the covers, tangling himself in the sheets. Panic etched his face as he glanced down at his partner, then back at her. Her gaze fell to his companion.

Recognition rocked her back on her heels. A cherished member of their extended family for longer than she could remember. Someone she trusted. Her trembling hand cupped her mouth as she stared at the one person she never dreamed would betray her in this way.