Untamed Magic by Alexis Calder

Book 1 in the Academy of Elites series

When I somehow summon fire in an act of self defense, I’m given two choices by the magic cops: attend some stuck-up magic school, or go to magic jail.

There go my plans for the next year. Apparently, I have Untamed Magic, whatever that means. And I’ve got a year to get it under control at this magic academy that’s basically a finishing school for the elite. Everyone here is somebody important. And rich. Except for me.

Which paints quite the target on my back. Being the token poor kid is bad enough. Throw in that I somehow form a mating bond with four of the school’s most eligible bachelors. Oh yeah, like the fact that someone is trying to kill me. FML.

“This was my first read from this author but definitely not my last. Talk about excitement. This book had lots of action, drama throughout. The characters were well developed and I loved that it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can’t wait for the next book.” – Jerri Estep (Amazon Reviewer)