Trouble In A Tight Dress by Lori Sjoberg

Book 1 in the Six Points Security series

Marine veteran Austin Flint knows all about trouble. He fought it in Afghanistan, and now he battles it at home as the head of Six Points Tactical & Security. In his line of work, he can’t afford to be distracted by anything…or anyone, and that includes Nina Petrov, his cyber security expert. She’s got a chip on her shoulder, a smart mouth. And a body that just doesn’t quit. She’s also his employee, which makes her off limits, no matter how badly he wants her. But when her life is threatened by the Russian mafia, he’ll do what it takes to protect her, even if that means breaking his own code of honor and claiming her as his own.

Trouble is, he doesn’t know about her past, and what he doesn’t know might get them both killed.

“Loved this book…but then again, what's not to love? Gorgeous guys, beautiful women, computer hacking, guns, and the Russian mafia. With all that in the mix it can only be good!” ~ Amazon reviewer