The World We Live In by Jamell Crouthers

Book 1 in the A Poetry Book On Societal Issues series

This book focuses on fictional characters that chronicle life experiences that they've dealt with through poetry. Each person discusses an experience that has changed and impacted them in ways they never thought of. These people only have names, race or ethnicity is not discussed because the goal is to feel, understand and relate to their experiences as human beings. Too many times in today's society we base things off of social stigmas, race, ethnicity, social class when we are all human beings with daily struggles that no one will ever know. Life is a journey and a gift and we should cherish it with the time that we have. We also should be more open to discussing societal issues, having an open mind and respecting each other's opinions, thoughts and feelings no matter if they're good, bad or indifferent because at the end of the day, experiences shape who we are.

“Thought provoking, I wanted to wrap Jamell's words in a warm blanket and take them to a place of safety. Well written, Jamell. Bravo. Recommended reading for everyone.”-Gina