The Traveler: Chimera Rebellion by Shannon Nemechek

Book 1 in the The Book of Eleanor series

An ancient curse has plagued the Stewart witches for centuries. Only one witch can break the curse, A prophecy foretold of her arrival-the last Stewart witch but an ancient foe is determined to stop her.

As a self-professed book nerd, Army Major Katie Butler has hunted many rare books in her lifetime.

While on leave in Savannah Katie visits with a voodoo priestess who tells the story of Eleanor MacAllister and a long-lost book, claimed to be cursed.

With her curiosity piqued, Katie is determined to find the lost book and reveal the secrets it holds.

What she finds could change everything.

Swept back in time, Katie suddenly finds herself immersed in a country at war with itself.

Determined to find her way back home, her plans change when she meets Captain Colm O'Donnell.

Captain O'Donnell has devoted his life to military service but when he stumbles upon a young woman half- clothed in the middle of a battlefield, he is convinced the pretty young woman is a spy, Colm is determined to find out the truth.

What he finds changes everything he’s ever known.

An ancient prophecy has bound them together and together they must discover the truth.

But can they work together long enough to find the truth or will an ancient foe destroy them both?

“…a time travel fantasy- with magic, mystery, witches, history, war, love, suspense, drama, action and adventure.“ Goodreads Reviewer