The Stationmaster's Cottage by Phillipa Nefri Clark

Book 1 in the River's End Mystery Romance series

A love lost but not forgotten

“I'll wait for you. There . . . at the end of the jetty, I will wait.”

Near the rugged Australian coastline beaten by the winds of the wild Great Southern Ocean sits a forgotten stationmaster's cottage holding secrets of a tragic love story. Secrets Christie Ryan knows nothing about when she unexpectedly inherits her estranged grandmother's cottage in the small seaside town of River's End.

There, Christie finds love letters that have remained unopened for close to fifty years. The letters tell of a great-aunt she never knew existed and a love so powerful Christie becomes determined to uncover what kept the young couple apart.

Her quest leads her to the door of reclusive local artist Martin, who Christie is convinced holds the key to the questions she seeks to answer. But Martin is wary of the newcomer and has important reasons for keeping Christie at arm's length.

As the search continues Christie realises uncovering her family's past may help her discover the truth of who she really is. And before the decades old mystery can be solved, Christie will be faced with deciding what it truly means to love someone . . .

The Stationmaster's Cottage will sweep you to the past and back with a love story to fill your heart and a mystery to thrill your mind.

“I really enjoyed this book with the mystery, relationships and discovery of a path to the heart. Recommended and I have downloaded the next book.” Treasure Karen, Amazon review