The Last Everything by Frank Kennedy

Book 1 in the The Impossible Future series

Jamie Sheridan’s very bad night worsens no matter how fast the 17-year-old runs. In the next eight hours, he will become a god or a monster – or he will die. This small-town Alabama boy, whose life has been plagued by loss, grief, and a fury he doesn’t understand, must find something to live for as the clock ticks. Perhaps his two friends? The brother who let him down? The beauty of a sunrise?

Perhaps the answer lies in another universe altogether. After his mentor is killed, and townspeople pursue him – heavily armed – Jamie learns the truth about a genetic seed planted within him long ago, possibly shaping the fate of two Earths.

This rapid-fire, ticking-clock series keeps you turning the pages as the three young heroes traverse universes and discover that survival means adapting to savage circumstances. For if they fail, the dark will drown them all.

One day you are a normal teenager, the next day you find out you are a genetically created weapon designed to destroy a good chunk of the multiverse and oh, you only have 8 hours left to live. What's a teen to do?
– Marjorie, Amazon reviewer