Stilettos and Scoundrels by Laina Turner

Book 1 in the The Presley Thurman Cozy Mystery series

Frustrated with her dead-end human resources gig, thirty-something Presley Thurman makes a big career move that just might land her in the slammer.

Freelance journalists fight for their assignments, and Presley thinks she’s won the battle when she’s hired to interview pompous womanizer Senator Daniels.

But when the senator turns up dead a day later, Presley climbs right to the top of the senator’s security team’s suspect list.

A security team run by her high school ex-boyfriend.

Can she prove her innocence and not fall for the one guy she swore she’d never look in the eye again, or will she wind up with a lifetime gig in prison?

“Plenty of mystery with twists and turns to keep you swiping the pages of your Kindle. Plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, reminding me of the style and humor of other authors like Janet Evanovich, Lois Greiman and Gemma Halliday! The ending is a complete surprise and I love how nothing in this book leaves you hanging! This book is completely entertaining, attention-grabbing from the getgo, moves along at a good pace with fun characters and a well-written mystery!” – Amazon Review