Stay With Me, Julia by Elle Linder

Book 1 in the Faithful Falls series

Julia Greene's task is simple: run her aunt's lakeside resort in Idaho for three months, then return to her life in Los Angeles. Easy. Or maybe not, when an irresistible lumberjack turns up the heat and melts away her inhibitions.

Luke Hamill is enjoying a quiet, uncomplicated life after a nasty divorce. He doesn't answer to anyone. He visits his kids in Alaska when he wants. His life is perfect. Or so he thinks.

When Luke's new, younger boss Julia arrives, he decides he'd like some noise… bedroom noise. She's beautiful, smart, sensible, and all business. She's everything Luke never knew he needed and she's hell-bent on returning to her business, and life, in L.A.

But Luke has other plans…

He's determined to prove a life with him in Faithful Falls is exactly what Julia needs. Can this mountain man give her enough of a reason to stay? Will the challenges of a blended family make her abandon it all and head back to Southern California?

“a wonderful romance that offers lots of small-town charm, deep emotions, humor and sweetness.” Amazon Reviewer