Sky Tinted Water, Book 1 by Keta Diablo

Book 1 in the Sky Series series

Sky Tinted Water, Book 1
Sky Dance, Book 2
Sky Dreams, Book 3
* Clean Romance Trilogy
* Rone Award Nominee

This series is historical romance and follows the lives of Rory and Dawson in Minnesota as new settlers. When Civil War divides a Nation, Dawson feels a duty to enlist to help his country. Rory is doing her best to survive the day-to-day struggles of pioneer life. But someone is intent on harming Rory and someone is intent on saving her during Dawson's absence. Dawson comes home to assist in finding his missing wife who is carrying their child.

Sky Dance continues with the lives of Rory and Dawson when Dawson is listed as Missing In Action while fighting for his country. In her heart, Rory knows her husband is still alive.

Sky Dreams tells the story of Rory and Dawson's first-born child, a widowed school teacher in northern Minnesota. Will Cade Kincannon break through her grief and help her find love again?

“There are themes & aspects of this story that I love, love, LOVE! I enjoyed every minute of it & give this a firm five Stars!” Five stars, Mauireader