Simple Truths (book 1 Lost & Found) by Michelle Dalton

Book 1 in the Lost & Found series

Having worked in Doctors without Borders, Rochelle Le Roux has seen the best and the worst of humankind and now she just wants to live a quiet life in South Africa. But when her path crosses that of the only man she’s ever loved she is forced to consider that maybe fate has brought her back for a reason.

South Africa is a country in strife. But corrupt governments are only one of the many problems plaguing this dynamic rainbow nation. A ring of human traffickers is stealing children and smuggling them into North Africa. The ring leader, a prominent figure in the local Cape Malay community, is a man with everything to lose and even more to gain.

Lieutenant Thomas Campbell has dedicated his life to protecting his country and serving the South African Navy. But he will never forget that stolen kiss beneath the stars and a heartbroken beauty which has haunted his life for sixteen years.

“Africa's heart beats deeply in this must-read love story.” – T.M Clark

“Michelle weaves a tale that draws you in and doesn’t let go until the very end of the story.”

“The story is poignant and has the feel of something epic. Really, just gorgeous and heart-rending.”

“This is a very powerful book. It shows strength against unimaginable trials. It has hope and love and life mixed in with the darkest despair.”