Perfect Blindside by Leslea Wahl

Book 1 in the Blindside series

He's an egotistical snowboarder with a silver medal.

She's a judgmental honors student with a flair for photography.

Slashed tires…. False accusations…. A coded message…. When all they can see is each other's flaws, how can Jake and Sophie work together to figure out what's really been happening at the abandoned silver mine?

Follow Sophie and Jake into secret tunnels as they unravel the mystery and challenge each other to become who God wants them to be.

“If an author was a chemist and a book was a potion, this one would be a sure mixture for success. A dash of romance, a theme of mystery, a foundation of faith.. a pinch of humour and wit, and you have: a lovely Catholic book, perfect for the teenage reader.”
– Goodreads Review